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Many, too many people plan too much. Yes, a penny for your thoughts. We constantly need to be reminded that our life on this planet is a journey, and that our journey is what is important.

Start your vacation right now. Look around you, whether you are at work, home, or on the road. You are where you are supposed to be. Simple. Take your next step in any direction, pretending that you are not afraid. What would you do if you did not fear the consequences of your next action. If it is a good action, positive and honest, then, take it, and it will lead to another good step.

At The Great Hotel, we honor those who have come forth, shedding for a moment the stress and responsibilities of running the world, and returning to simple caring of oneself.



We are really in this business...

Hospitality has been our main concern for 40 years. Our commitment is our motto: When you put precious resources aside to take a vacation, regardless of the amount, you deserve to be treated by the vacation seller to the best of his tools and abilities. Expect the ratings.

Prior to making your commitment to his vacation opportunities, let him know what you are looking for. Let him set the bargain.